Yale University Art Gallery—Kahn Building  

Reinstallation of Permanent Collections   
New Haven, Connecticut    

Modern & Contemporary galleries with redesigned “pogo” panels.When the “New Art Gallery” opened at Yale in 1953, the spacious and functional interior, designed to provide a maximum of space, light and flexibility, was highly praised. Yet, within a few years, these very qualities were compromised by installations that sealed off the window walls and created smaller galleries within the open spaces. Now, over 50 years later, the architectural fabric of Louis Kahn’s first museum has been restored. Simultaneously, an overall approach to the installation of the permanent collection was developed that respects the building and the art and meets today’s requirements for conservation and accessibility. Staples & Charles was responsible for designing a family of exhibition furniture—new “pogo” panels, casework, platforms, scrims—that works well with the diversity of artworks and the architecture; and for planning the initial reinstallations throughout the Kahn Building.

 YUAG—Kahn Building, 1953. New window scrims control light, yet retain the building’s translucency. When needed, blackout curtains offer total control of daylight.YUAG exhibition, 1953.Original design for “pogo” panels, 1952. This drawing's measurements were the basis for the redesigned "pogo" panels.Modern & Contemporary galleries.African galleries. Asian galleries.

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