Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center   
Charlottesville, Virginia    

Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center—Lobby.Staples & Charles has been working for a decade with Susan Stein, Richard Gilder Senior Curator, and the other curators, archaeologists, and historians at Monticello to enrich the public’s understanding of Jefferson, his contributions to the nation, his home, and the Monticello plantation community. The initial effort was a year-long study, “An Interpretive Program for the Visitor Experience at Monticello,” outlining goals for the future. Interpretive themes and overall concepts developed in this study are now implemented with the opening of the Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center in April 2009. The exhibitions are a dynamic combination of engaging new technologies, in-depth historical content, and fascinating artifacts. Staples & Charles led the design effort and coordinated the creative contributions of media designers, model makers, and fabricators.

Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center—Plantation Model. Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center—Liberty Gallery.Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center—Making Monticello Gallery, Center Platform.Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center—To Try All Things Gallery, Intro.Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center—To Try All Things Gallery, West Wall.Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center—To Try All Things Gallery, Threshing Machine case detail.

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