San Diego Museum of Art  

Art of East Asia Galleries   
San Diego, California    

Art of East Asia—Chinese Gallery.The renovated “Art of East Asia” galleries present the museum’s significant collection as a journey through time and place. Starting with Chinese tomb art, then Buddhist icons, it continues with the art of Korea, Daoist visions from China, and decorative and sacred art from Japan. The design challenge was to create unique spaces for each area within a unified whole. Individual galleries have colors and touches of architectural detailing specific to their time and place. While, throughout, sophisticated graphics in English and Spanish supplemented with headlines in Chinese, Japanese, and/or Korean offer consistency, as do the ebony-lacquered casework and platforms. The project was truly a creative collaboration with the curator, the museum’s exhibition staff, and our team. The galleries were funded, in part, by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Art of East Asia—Tomb Gallery.Art of East Asia—Buddhism Gallery.Art of East Asia—Japanese Gallery.Art of East Asia—Japanese Gallery.Art of East Asia—Corner Case with Chinese cloisonne.Art of East Asia—Touchable Object.

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